Learning the alphabet, how to count, to tie shoes laces and don’t forget BRUSHING TEETH! Just a few lessons parents introduce to children at a young age. Tooth decay (or cavities) can begin as soon as a tooth erupts. Thus, we recommend starting good oral hygiene early. Children should have their first visit to the dentist around the age of one and should be supervised while brushing their teeth until the age of 8. We realize this isn’t always the easiest task. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with a few ways to help you get your little ones excited about their oral hygiene!

Make it a competition

Take advantage of the sibling rivalry! Make a game out of brushing by seeing which child can brush the longest or who can gargle the loudest. If you have one child, see if they can beat the 2-minute brushing timer. Get creative! There are lots of ways to ignite the competitive spirit using oral hygiene.

Fun Accessories!

Adding colorful toothbrushes, flavored toothpaste and vibrant floss will make the regular old bedtime regimen a blast. Your little one will be excited to wake up and do it all over again.

Create a reward system

Try rewarding your kids with stickers when they complete brushing their teeth twice a day for a month and at the end of the month, turn in those stickers for a small prize.

Lead by example

Children are observers and soak in what they see adults do. Lead by example! Show your little one just how much you enjoy taking care of your teeth. They will be thrilled to to join in on the fun.

There’s an app for that!

Here’s the chance to use technology for good. There’s nothing kids relate to more these days than technology. Charge up the iPad and get to brushing! Check out these FREE apps to help encourage oral care.

  • Brusheez: Little Monsters Toothbrush Timer
  • Brush DJ
  • Tiny Dentist Office Makeover
  • Disney Magic Timer
  • Brush Up
  • Toothy: Toothbrush Timer

Make the dentist fun (more fun than it already is ????)

Plan a fun family outing around your child’s regularly scheduled six-month checkup. Visit their favorite restaurant, spend a day at the park or take them to the toy store. This will help to alleviate any stress or worries they may associate with a dental appointment. Our offices include pediatric specific operatories to ensure your little one not only gets the check-up they deserve, but also enjoy the experience.


A word from Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Sandra Chung…

“I’m a full-time working mom to a four-year-old little one, so I understand the challenges parent’s face when trying to maintain their child’s oral hygiene. For some parent’s, it can be a daily struggle getting your child to brush or sometimes you forget to remind your child to brush and he or she is already out the door or fast asleep. Trust me, I heard it all and once in awhile, I’m guilty of it myself. Hopefully, some of these techniques will help to reinforce good oral hygiene habits while making brushing and flossing fun for the entire family.”


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