ProHEALTH Dental VIP Program

No insurance? We have a solution! The new ProHEALTH Dental VIP Program covers all of your preventative care and provides a significant savings on all other dental care. Ask to speak to our VIP Specialist for more information and payment options.

ProHEALTH Dental VIP Program Benefits:

  • Includes all Preventative Care
    • Adults: Cleaning and oral examination every six months & x-rays annually (regularly $555)
    • Children: Cleaning, oral examination, and fluoride every six months (regularly $440)
  • 25% Off all other Dental Care (basic/major/cosmetic)
  • $500 off Full Orthodontic Treatment (Both Adults & Children)
  • No Annual Deductible
  • No Annual Benefit Maximum

Annual Plan Costs:

  • $249 per Adult
  • $199 each for Child 1 & Child 2
  • $99 for each Additional Child

Payment Options:

  • Pay premium in full at time of enrollment (via check, credit card or cash)
  • Financing options available

*Disclaimer: This is a discount program for our valued patients and is not an insurance product.

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